When asked, here is what our 2017 award receipts enjoyed most about Camp this summer:

“Everything – especially tubing!”

“I loved how everyone would include you, no matter your age.  Also, if you were new to an activity, everyone was encouraging.”

“I enjoyed  just doing activities.”

“I enjoyed meeting new people and evening activities.”

“The activities, because they were so fun!”

“Everyone and all of the CIT’s.

“Horseback Riding!

“I enjoyed co-ed days and horseback riding.”

“I loved the activities!  My favorites included: sailing, fishing, archery and tubing.”

“Making friends, being more independent and all of the activities.  My favorite activities were: wood shop, archery and tubing.”

“I was very happy to come to camp this summer.   I loved anything on the water, especially sailing.  I also loved riflery.

“Attending camp meant seeing new friends, doing activities like stand-up paddle boarding, archery, fishing and wood shop – that I would never do or see at home.”

“Camp is a second home – a place where I come for friends, to met new people and to do different activities.  My favorite activities included:  horseback riding, basketball, tribal games, tubing, canoeing, kayaking and riflery.

“Coming to camp this year has really made a big impact on my life.  Camp Mishawaka is really a place I call home.  My favorite activities were ones where I could really enjoy hanging with my friends, including archery, basketball, and tubing.”

“Attending camp meant getting away from home, away from modern life and technology.  My favorite activities this summer where: open water front, football, sabotage and dodgeball.”

“I am very happy at camp and it means a lot to me.   I can make a lot of friends here.  My favorite activities were: horseback riding, tubing, volleyball and fishing.”

“I met some really great friends this summer.  My favorite activities where riflery, archery and sailing.”

“It meant a lot to come to camp to make new friends and do lots of fun activities.  I was able to do lots of things I couldn’t of done at home – including: horseback riding, camping on an island, riflery, sleeping in a cabin and tubing.”

“I feel free and open to all of nature and meeting new people.  Being at camp opened a new world to me.  So I say thank you Mishawaka Foundation for opening new opportunities to me!  My favorite activities were tubing, mat-party, sabotage, kayaking, climbing wall and skits!”

“Attending camp this summer meant everything to me.  Being able to come to camp is incredible.  It’s so fun, so cool and one of the best experience of my life.  I want to thank you for making me able to come to Camp Mishawaka this year.  It’s been the best.   I wish to come back next year. My favorite activities included: archery, riflery, kayaking, canoeing, running around in the woods, track meet, swim meet and sabotage.

“Attending camp gives me the opportunity to spend time with the people I like the most. My favorite things to do were tubing, mat parties and fishing.”

“Attending camp means meeting new friend and having fun.  My favorite activities were wood shop, sailing and archery.”

“My favorite activities were tubing, open tennis, fishing and pontoon fishing.

“Attending camp means everything to me.   It is the only thing that gets me through school each year- camp is my home.   My favorite activities this past summer were the Boundary Waters trip, tubing and fishing.”

“Camp was awesome and really fun!  My favorite activities were archery, tennis, climbing wall and fishing.

“Going to Camp Mishawaka has been a great opportunity to meet new people — and I’ve had lots of fun!”